WATCH: Out Of Control Chick Attacks Cop – Cop Takes Her To Paintown

Some people act like they’re 10′ tall and bulletproof. And then reality crashes in on them, and they find out they’re not so tough after all.

It takes a special kind of stupid to think THIS decision could POSSIBLY end well for you.

And the folks who filmed this?

The ones who announced that she’s just taken a swing at a cop?

They’re dumb enough to start invoking BLM.

She picked a fight with a cop…

AFTER he responded to her causing a riot in the place, chucking big bottles of laundry detergent at staff who were waiting for police backup.

She tried to walk out right past the cop, like nothing had happened.

And when he prevents her from walking away? When he tries to handcuff her?

She starts throwing hands.


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